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Emergency Baby Boxes:

This box is a monthly supplement of resources to help the parent of children 0-2 year of age, in a short term emergency.


All Faith looks to provide in the box;     

 * Children 0-1year

      Diapers – most requested sizes 3/4/5


     Formula – most requested Similac Advance

     Rice/Oatmeal Cereal

     Jarred Foods – stages 1-2-3


     * Children 1+

     Pull Ups




**Upon availability we will include baby items such as; diaper rash cream, bottles, teething rings, orajel, and other misc. items.

Birthday Bags:

All Faith works with families to help make special occasions a time the family can come together and celebrate.  One way is through our Birthday Bag Program.


Children ages 4 to 8 years may receive a BAG filled with;

•Cake Mix





•Activity Books/Color Books

•Crayons/Markers or  Colored Pencils

•Small Stuffed Animals

•Children’s Books


**What goes into the bags is what is available at the time per age and gender.

Weekend Snack Sacks: 

The weekend snack sack project is a collaborative partnership between the food bank and local schools. Each week a two day supply of kid friendly, shelf stable foods are put together and distributed on Friday.


For Each Child

•2 breakfast items

     Hot cereal pack/Granola Bar

•2 lunch items

     Soup/Canned Pasta

•2 dinner items

     Canned Chili/Beef Stew

•2 sides


•2 fruits

     Fruit Cup/Fruit Snack

•2 snacks


•2 beverages

     Boxed Juice/Shelf Stable Milk

** For students currently attending Buckeye and Inca Elementary 

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