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Helping give a hand UP to those in need!

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Hundreds of families in the far West Valley go hungry every month and hit hard times.  Help us provide them with food to eat, clothing and items to give them a hand up and resources and skills to give them a new beginning!

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No Contact Distribution: The Food Bank will remain open during our regular hours, following recommendations from CDC .


Please read for client distributions requirements

For those inquiring for Emergency Food Boxes and Farmer's Market: Walk Up Module

  1. Stay behind orange line

  2. Maintain a distance of 6 feet from the person in front or behind you

  3. Move forward only when person ahead of you moves forward

  4. Have your ID ready

  5. Please do not touch the food cart and keep a safe distance from the volunteer or staff person assisting you

Commodity Distribution: Drive Thru Module

  1. Remain in car at all time

  2. Follow signs 

  3. Do not roll down window

  4. Display government issued ID for all households in vehicle

  5. Press ID(s) against glass

  6. Indicate with fingers how many individuals in each household

  7. A member from each household must be in vehicle or present proxy letter to receive food


The state of Arizona provides an incredible incentive for taxpayers who donate to certain qualifying charities like All Faith Community Services. Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can donate up to $841 and get it right back on your Arizona tax return. This has changed from 2022.

Donations made for the 2023 Arizona Income Tax Returns can be up to $841 for joint filers and $421 for single filers.

This year is ending soon so please consider this an opportunity to help.

A Hugh Thank You in advance.


Come volunteer and see what a difference you can make!

Click the button below to download the

Volunteer Flyer or fill out our Volunteer Application

The application is Fillable on a desktop/laptop computer or your cell phone.  Just click on the Application button and then click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

Giving a hand up to those in need with the help from our generous, kind and caring community partners!

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